Automating Ecommerce 

Make complicated INTRIGUING

From the beginning Whitebox has had a challenge: how do we explain what we do? Even within the company this was tough. Ecommerce is incredibly complex. Automating ecommerce was even more complex; like one-handed-heart-surgery complex. 



The Brand

As always, the first step was the logo. The mark had to be modern, but experienced. It also had to convey progress and an upward trend. The box outline serves two purposes, by being a box and reminding us of the space we're now playing in, but also as an arrow of upward progress. 


A small world

A series of graphics and an animation was next. The goal of the Small World campaign was to bring a sense of child-like imagination to cold, intimidating things such as shipping, packaging, and ecommerce. By inviting the viewer into the whimsical world we created, we instantly remove the mental strain that words like ecommerce automation conjures. This world also allows us to explain the inner workings of Whitebox as if it was magic. Because it is. 



We're always working on something new for Whitebox. They're a fast moving, ever-changing company. They needed an agency that could remain flexible and understand the challenges of the startup space. 

From pitch decks, posters, one sheets, packaging, and everything in between Kapowza has been there. 

Checkout whitebox.co to see everything in action.