Ideas are powerful. They can change lives, change businesses. Ideas made it possible for you to read this. The world runs on ideas; and we get a million a day.

Ideas are the plutonium to the world’s flux capacitor.

Everything should have an idea behind it. Every design, every tweet, even business cards should have an idea in the background, pushing it forward. Without the ideas, your marketing just goes through the motions - doomed to be a soulless robot that wanders the wasteland looking for someone to talk to, in hopes to sell them something.

These ideas should cause a ruckus. They should make noise. Some, should make a lot of noise to everyone. While others should make the right kind of noise, to the right kind of people.

We bring the ideas to you.



Who Makes Up This Place

Dan Schepleng, Creative Director

I’ve put off writing this for a while. I hate these biographies. They’re dumb. They’re always in the third person too, like they’ve be written by some magical writer who has never met the all-important Mr. Schepleng. I don’t think people read this. Who cares? I was born in Annapolis, grew up in Pasadena (not that one), and I’ve been doing creative for a long time—ever since I was fifteen. My first job was editing a Federal Student Aid commercial. I bought golf clubs to celebrate and used them twice.     

The truth is you can’t get to know someone from a paragraph. You know how you get to know someone? Coffee. I'm really good at getting coffee. Let’s get coffee and talk about how we can do some great work together. In the meantime enjoy me staring at you from the bathroom mirror, it's where most of the creative work happens anyways. 


Sean Sutherland, Account Executive

Sean Sutherland is a renowned polymath, Sutherland is a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

Those are some great Benjamin Franklin stats, and a few (i.e. none) of these apply to Sean (maybe diplomat)-- but it’s something he strives for. Sean brings a Midwestern sensibility to Kapowza. He pounds the pavement, sets up the meetings, and makes sure creative is done on time, all while looking out for the client’s best interests. His first job was at a Comic Book store and his most recent is this one, which makes sense because his bio is on the website. Give him a call if you’re experiencing a particularly nasty marketing woe.


Christopher Chester, Designer

Hello there! Christopher Chester is a graphic designer, cat enthusiast, hip-hop lover, print collector, wanderer, hard cider drinker, and researcher living and creating in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born in Baltimore, but enjoys traveling up and down the east coast. When he’s not designing, he’s hiking, star gazing, writing, and attending local band concerts. He drives a Honda that he nicknamed Caesar. 

He enjoys a good pun and how people combine their emojis in text messages. He is a Maryland Institute College of Art student and member of AIGA’s Baltimore chapter. His work has been featured on Trend List. He is very interested in collaboration, process, and experimental work. He can be spotted more often than not in Baltimore’s midtown.