Legends of Learning

Robo Desk

The call to the insurance company was the best part. “You wanna do what?!?” Legends of Learning is like Steam, or iTunes, for educational games. Built atop the knowledge of the largest study of its kind, they’re proving that students can actually learn more from games.

We were thrilled with the challenge personifying the act of making learning fun. Done practically, RoboDesk uses no green screens, no fancy digital effects. We actually drove down a Hartford County road with a desk built atop a motorcycle trailer. And for the wide shot? Just the simple old-school film trick of masking out the SUV that was pulling our RoboDesk.  

The result was something unforgettable, not likely to be seen again. Most importantly, it drove views and traffic to Legends of Learning, solidifying them in the minds of teachers and as the leader in edtech game development.