Power Slam Wrestling

Power Slam Wrestling is a board game that combines the love of 80’s wrestling, and strategy to create a fast turn-based experience. The game is comprised of a deck of cards, a move board, and a punch timer. There are four move cards, Kick, Chop, Irish Whip, and Body Slam each with unique effects and four distinct colors. Lastly, there is a blank wrestler card, which a player uses to create their own wrestler.

We first began by researching wrestling of the 80s, focusing on a national and international level. This helped us determine our color system, and set the tone for the retro nature of Power Slam Wrestling. We took elements such as VHS grain, and picture-day lasers to push the nostalgia in it’s identity.

The game is still in development. Gnarwhal beta tested Power Slam Wrestling at Gen Con 2017.