FilterBuy It

Have you ever seen an air filter commercial? Have you ever seen a funny air filter commercial?

FilterBuy is the online hub for air filters of all types. They reached out to see if we could make their most popular in-home brand more visible in the marketplace.

Dads have an odd fascination with thermostats and – from our research – air filters. Our original thinking was the air filter would be a loss conversation, important information that a father forgot to tell his son. Then the concept evolved into the filter itself. Combine the two and you have: a dad talking inside a furnace.

Shot on a Monday afternoon, we built the shell of the furnace from old parts and duct work, which was all held up by a C-stand.The wall behind the unit was also built for the shoot – constructed tirelessly by our director of photography, in his basement.

Breathe Easy received over a million views on Facebook and Youtube. It drove conversation and realization that, yes, you do in fact have to change your air filter.