The Creig Northrop Team

Club Bed

“I’ve been doing this for over ten years and you guys always ask me to build the weirdest stuff”, said our production designer Jared.

The Creig Northrop Team is the number one real estate firm in the country. People know who they are. Our challenge was to speak about them in a fresh way, that the already familiar market hadn’t seen from them, or any other real estate company.

Using ropes and a pulley system — that we later masked out in post production — we were able to not only make the bed bounce, but have it slide as well. The dresser, picture frame, and side table were all shook by hand or by using a stick drilled through the wall. Very high tech.

Sound design carries at least 50% of the gag. We worked with our good friends at Studio Unknown to craft the entire sonic landscape. Everything was rebuilt in post, and if you listen carefully you can hear Dan yelling in the background of the house party.