Notice & Comment's mission is as diverse as the very federal, state, city, and local governments they serve. As a data refinery, they deduce what the public thinks about an issue or piece of legislation. 

Their mark is representative of the patchwork quilt that is the United States Government. The issues, departments, causes, and agencies all making up a larger image. It has two variations. One being just the quilt, the other actually fills in the quilt with interchangeable icons.


The Tag

After a branding exercise we searched for a way to sum up that Notice & Comment was a "Government Filtering Tool". The line also had to be a mission statement, a flag in the ground as an organization. It would be the sum of their parts as well as an explanation as to what it is they did. We kept returning to the idea of a refinery. The idea that N&C takes all of the comments and feedback from all the branches of the government and refines them into useable data. 

Democracy Refined.

What we created ended up having two meanings. One meaning as a tool and process, and the other as an idealistic mission that will now drive every decision.