Maryland Venture Fund

Kapowza didn’t just see our vision, they helped us refine it by bringing years of marketing and branding expertise to the table. Dan, Sean, and the rest of the team worked creatively and tirelessly to hit an aggressive deadline without sacrificing quality.
— Moss Amer, Maryland Venture Fund

The Issue

Simply put: we love the startup community.

There’s something to be said about entrepreneurs around the world who forego the tried and true methods to carve out their own path with a disruptive idea, technology, or product that has the potential to revolutionize a given market.

Even more important than these individuals and companies are the groups that support them — whether it be through monetary investments, business coaching, or strategic partnerships.

Luckily, our state — which consistently ranks highly for small businesses, growth of entrepreneurship, and innovation metrics — has the Maryland Venture Fund aligned to assist with all of the above.

We were more than happy to provide them a website and brand that more closely reflected their core tenets:

  • Approachable - easy to work with
  • Helpful - a true partner and resource for their portfolio companies
  • Proactive - they’re able to act quicker to the market by being more in touch with regional developments and industry trends
  • Sophisticated - when it comes to making new and follow-on investments


The goals

  • Refresh the brand into a more flexible, digital-friendly format
  • Create a cohesive and easily-navigated website that focused on the individuals they support, not just the companies
  • Showcase the talented executive team and their partners
  • Complete these tactics and launch in just three weeks


When a group such as Maryland Venture Fund comes to us with a tight deadline, we make them a top priority.

The team worked three weeks solid from the word go, ingratiating themselves closely with the core MVF team in order to deliver an exceptional refreshed brand and website. We drilled down into what made MVF tick, what resonated with their target audience, and what would be the main goal with their new site.

We then developed a creative brief initially before moving onto designing full logo executions; ones that honored the rich history, traditions of the MVF but reflected more on their commitment to the Maryland-region. From there, we took elements from the brand as key touch-points to work into the website.

Working with MVF and their deep list of partners, we also coordinated photography to bring out the more-human aspect of what they do; empowering entrepreneurs with great ideas and great drive to bring about change for a given industry.

We couldn’t be prouder of the person-centric website we’ve developed for them and am very proud of the story and brand-touchpoints featured throughout. We can’t wait to assist them in the second phase of our working relationship.


The website and refreshed brand launch coincided with the hiring announcement of Parag Sheth as the MVF’s Director and CMO.

The website, featuring the new brand, launched in late September and has been proven to be a useful destination for Maryland’s entrepreneur community; boasting:

  • A nearly 30% bounce rate (60% is average)

  • Average Session Length of 3:00

  • Over 3 pages per Site Visit


At our heart, we work best with brands that are passionate about their industry, excited about their solution, and relentless in their pursuit of quality. We make things loud, we make things pretty, and we make things – at the end of the day – interesting.

Imagine yourself as our next Maryland Venture Fund, what story can we tell together that drives your business forward?