This project was great for us as it taught us two things:

  1. It is possible to make a funny air filter commercial
  2. The air filter industry is one rife with competition, and the only way to stand above the traditional media buys, is by doing something interesting

Think of the last time you saw an air filter commercial and genuinely laughed? Stumped? We'll make it easier for you. When's the last time you saw an air filter commercial, period? That's what we thought. We were able to produce a succinct idea to promote FilterBuy Furnace Air Filters and were able to apply it to three different time constraints, perfect for Facebook, YouTube, and other social content channels who beg for your attention. We're impressed with the results our video has seen so far already 150,000 views in a few days, and can't wait to see how this video permeates the home air filter marketplace.

Think we can't make what you do interesting? Ask FilterBuy.