It was great working with Kapowza. They are creative and professional from start to finish and the end result was even better than we expected!
— Lida Zlatic, CEO ClassTracks

The Issue

Of all the heroic professions out there (firefighter, armed services, police, etc.), arguably one of the toughest gigs is teaching. Tasked with instilling knowledge, life lessons, and a sense of responsibility onto the next generation.

With that in mind, consider the herculean effort that exists for foreign language teachers. All the expectations of a teacher mixed with the responsibility of being an envoy to an unfamiliar culture and language. This is where ClassTracks comes in – an app that has perfected the most effective way to practice vocabulary.

And we were more than excited to help introduce themselves to the rest of the world.


The goals

  • Introduce ClassTracks
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase initial user base for the pilot program


Anything is only as good as the writing behind it. A good script and concept have everything to do with the success or failure of a campaign and the emotional connection they do or do not create. The words have to leap off the page, grab your hand, and lead you into the world we’ve created.

Our script centered around a Zorro-esque, masked hero - a teacher- who bounds from classroom to classroom across the globe to tear down the walls of conventional education to expose the students to the larger, amazing world only available to them through learning a new language.

From the beginning, we knew that developing an engaging animation piece was going to be the right medium for ClassTracks. It provided us the flexibility to tell a larger story with large set-pieces, while introducing a bit of mystery, whimsical-magic into the brand – and being more cost effective than spending a few million on the construction of school sets on two countries.
After finding the right voice-over talent who could turn on and off a bilingual accent at a moment’s notice, we moved into storyboarding, applied elbow grease with animation, and wound up with the above piece of engaging media


ClassTracks initially distributed the video through an email deployment targeting 700+ foreign language teachers. This was the first time they’d reached out to this distribution list with an email featuring our video. The results they shared were astounding:

  • 47% Open Rate

  • 20% Click-through Rate

  • Resulting in a 10% Conversion

Our video, tied with the email deployment more than doubled their current initial user base from 70 to 150 registered users ready to unleash the power of their App for their students.


At our heart, we work best with brands that are passionate about their industry, excited about their solution, and relentless in their pursuit of quality. We make things loud, we make things pretty, and we make things – at the end of the day – interesting.

In the current market of data first, we want to bring back the glory days of storytelling in advertising. While data is important, it can’t be the only tool. People respond to stories.

Imagine yourself as our next ClassTracks, what story can we tell together that drives your business forward?