Baltimore Angels

Performance Enhancing Capital

Investment without the Suits

When someone says the term "angel investment" we all think of bankers who all look like bankers. The Baltimore Angels couldn't be further from that stereotype. For years they had a great brand and website but after six years, it was time for a refresh. 

We took the approach of simplifying and highlighting what made the original mark great--the wings and the "a". A more focused logo is more impactful and memorable. Also, it gave us some opportunities to sneak the wings in throughout the website. 






Each page of the site has a message, a statement of either inspiration or understanding. We wrote each line as if it could stand as a tagline on its own. 

  • Performance enhancing capital
  • Professional idea farmers
  • You've gotten started. Now get started moving forward
  • An investment is a statement. We're proud of what ours say.


Here are a few screenshots. Head over to for the full monty.